The Big 5 Personalities Domain Survey Questionnaire

For the respondents

1. Gender

  • Male
  • Female

2. Which statement describes your personality?

  • High scorers tend to be artistic and sophisticated in taste and appreciate diverse views, ideas, and experiences.
  • Conscientious individuals are extremely reliable and tend to be high achievers, hard workers, and planners.
  • Friendly and energetic, extroverts draw inspiration from social situations.
  • People who score high in agreeableness are peace-keepers who are generally optimistic and trusting of others.
  • Neurotics are moody, tense, and easily tipped into experiencing negative emotions.                                                                                                          

3. I am stressed because I am scared of _________________

  • Not being able to achieve a good result
  • Not being able to finish my assignments
  • Not being good at practical
  • Not being able to contribute to class projects
  • Not being confident of myself

4. How do you deal with stress in your study life?

  • Likes to reflect, play with ideas
  • Makes plans and follows through with them
  • Be relaxed, handles stress well
  • Be emotionally stable, not easily upset
  • Tends to be quiet and moody

5. How do you react when you have to make important decisions but have to make them quickly?

  • Be creative and imaginative
  • Maintains the cool and take decision
  • Get confused and ask help from others
  • Tends to follow majority choices
  • Get on nerves shortly

6. When you are being critized, your reaction will?

  • I take it positively
  • I keep my emotions under control
  • I feel disappointed but I am also open to suggestions given by other people
  • I will calm myself up and understand the situation
  • I feel disappointed and sad

7. During your official work what do you prefer the most?

  • Has an active imagination
  • Persevere until the task is finished
  • Talkative and full of energy
  • Serve others
  • Anxious about many different things

8. Every individual has different style of working. How do you works to adapt your leader style in order to finish an assignment?

  • Try to comes up with new ideas
  • Be a reliable workers
  • Be cooperate with others
  • Be helpful and unselfish with others
  • Tends to be quiet

9. According to you, what is the biggest strength of your personality in making your career?

  • Does things very efficiently
  • Preserves until the task is finished
  • Remains calm in stressful situations
  • Cooperative and reflective
  • Very punctual & follow routine strictly

10. Do you use Facebook as a medium to express your feelings?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes

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